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chart not displaying, but data is there

Jun 13, 2012 at 7:52 PM
Edited Jun 13, 2012 at 7:59 PM

Recently, my chart stopped displaying.  It used to work fine.  I am able to create the series and the chart.  When I look at the source of the page, the data all seems to be associated with the chart.  The background color displays for the chart, but the actual chart data does not display.  The following is the pertinent code....

Any assistance is appreciated.

''aspx page 

<highchart:lineChart ID="ddChart" Width="900" Height="450" runat="server" BackColor="Azure" />

''code behind (vb)

                    ' prepare chart
                    Dim yAxis As New YAxisItem()
                    yAxis.title = New Title("# of Days")

                    Dim xAxis As New XAxisItem()
                    xAxis.title = New Title("Date")
                    xAxis.type = AxisDataType.datetime
                    xAxis.dateTimeLabelFormats = New Appearance.DateTimeLabelFormats()


                    Dim heatingSeries As New Serie
           = "Heating Days"
                    heatingSeries.color = "Red"

                    Dim coolingSeries As New Serie
           = "Cooling Days"
                    coolingSeries.color = "Blue"

                    Dim heatingList(numDays) As Object
                    Dim coolingList(numDays) As Object
                    Dim dateList As New List(Of Object)
                    ' populate lists

                    Dim seriesData As New SerieCollection

           = heatingList
           = coolingList
                    heatingSeries.visible = True
                    coolingSeries.visible = True


                    Dim dataLabels As New PlotOptions.DataLabels
                    dataLabels.enabled = True

                    Dim plOptions As New PlotOptions.PlotOptionsLine()
                    plOptions.dataLabels = dataLabels

                    ddChart.PlotOptions = plOptions

                    ddChart.Title.text = "Degree Days"
                    ddChart.DataSource = seriesData









Oct 17, 2012 at 6:01 PM

I found the same problem with jquery-1.8.0; the version of jquery under 1.7.2 works well.